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Disaster response

Myanmar 2015

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Introduction to our work

There is estimated to be 3,5 million stray dogs in Myanmar/Burma.

We are a small NGO working to improve living conditions for stray and companion animals in Myanmar. We always strive to give direct aid to the animals that needs help the most. We work on site where the animals live, often on monasteries, running neuture/spay (ABC) programs and vaccinating against rabies. We also focus on improving general health issues animals suffers from like the skin disease Mange and cat-flu.

There are few shelters in Myanmar, and they can only take care of a limited number of animals, this is why our aim is the not so lucky ones on the street where 99% of the population lives. Our main goal & long-term program is to give a better future to animals in one of the worlds poorest countries where no official care take system exist for these millions of strays. We want to help those who have a chance, but also give a chance to future generations through population control, as well as preventing the spread of rabies. Vaccination programs for the animals as well as locally spreading information can make a big difference for both people and strays living side by side.

GAFs administrative work is run 100% on a voluntery basis. We emphazise the importanze of making sure the donations we recieve goes directly to helping animals in need. We also engage local workforces, and all our veterinarians are local specialists paid by our organization.

If you have any questions, want to support us, or take part in our work, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for reading about our work for animals in Myanmar!

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Behind the scenes from our rabies vaccination project in a Yangon Township

Response to the flooding in Myanmar:

Response to the flooding in Myanmar:

We have been honored to partner up with International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) in the relief efforts for animals in affected areas after the 2015 Myanmar flooding. We feel privileged to work closely with and learn from such a large international organization which makes a difference for animals in distressed situations worldwide.

Even more, we have been trusted to arrange the first officially issued invitation of collaboration between any international animal welfare organization and the Burmese government under new rule, after president Thein Sein publicly called for international assistance in disaster response earlier this month.

We are thankful for this fruitful collaboration with all partners involved. Last, let us not forget that the aftermath of this national disaster is not over; although the water level has gone down many thousand animals now suffer from diseases, injuries from standing up to 10 days in water, wounds and malnourishment as the surrounding grass has gone moldy and toxic.

All donations will go directly to the work for animals in flooded areas. There are no unnecessary intermediaries as we cooperate and communicate directly with the local relief team.

read more about our collaboration here



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