Future Goals

One of our long term future goal is to run mobile clinics in Mandalay.

To be able to run a mobile clinic we need significantly higher amounts of donations. A mobile clinic works as a small clinic on wheels, where you put up an operation-camp in an area and treat either wounded animals, or sterilize those living there. This way we can help many more dogs than by keeping a few in a shelter. A shelter will give a happy life to a few, while a mobile clinic can help those in need and also enables us to travel TO the animals if they are sick/wounded. It is not easy to transport animals in a country with low standards of infrastructures.

A second long-term goal is to build a hospital-shelter. This is not a shelter where the dogs live permanently, but follows a catch & release program. It is a temporary treatment center for wounded animals, which need to rest before they can go back on the street. Here we also visualize a small compound for paralyzed animals, with handicaps making them unable to survive in the outside world, but still deserve a worthy life.

Our Strategy.

To reach these goals there are a few conclusive key points. We have land to open such a place, but need funding’s to build a shelter and operation room (buildings, water-supply, electricity). In addition to the funding needed to build a shelter we need long term committed contributors to keep the clinic and shelter going to pay for employees and medical equipment. There are regular expenses attached to feeding/medicine for the animals, wages for veterinaries and transport of sick animals. Our goal is to:

– Treat urgent cases of sick or injured dogs and cats.

– Vaccinate dogs for rabies and other deceases.

– Spay-neuter programs for population management.

– Build public awareness for rabies prevention, including community campaigns and school programs. Also encouraging dogs            and cats as domestic animals.

– Cooperation with local politicians to influence political commitment and affect laws regarding poisoning of strays.

– Be a local pioneer with a no-kill practice to set an example in the community.

– By employing local staff we will also be able to support some households in one of Asia’s poorest countries.


As our organization is a small project this poses financial challenges, and we can only do it with your help. We hope fellow animal lovers will support us in reaching this goal for our four legged friends in need.

By western standards little can go a long way: The cost of one rabies vaccination is $1 (US). A dog can be vaccinated, sterilized and dewormed for approximately $25 – 30 (US).  So please do not hesitate even if you can only help with a small donation.


Other future goals include:

– Make an organized list of all vets and clinics that accept strays in Myanmar.

– Info to tourist and animal lovers in English and Burmese. What can you do when you find sick animals?

– Monastery day. Travel with vet teams to monasteries to improve health on animals living in the monasteries.

– Making a professional shelter in Yangon retreat for female dogs after sterilization.

– Myanmar veterinary day – free vet visit for everyone. The goal is to get the animals to the doctor, Sterilization and vaccination.

– Spread information.


We believe the best way to help is through a spay-neuter-release program, where one catch the dog and sterilize it, gives it rabies vaccination, and then release it the same place it lived before. This program has showed excellent results in neighboring countries such as India, Nepal and Thailand. It is also a very humane way to deal with the issue of dog-population both helping dogs to become healthy, and saving humans from rabies.


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