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Do you want to support our work so we can help more animals in need?

We are dependent upon donations in order to give animals a better future.
There are three ways you can support us:

  •  Through single donations. (please click donate button).
  • Through long term contribution, monthly or quarterly; this gives us the economical stability to start up a desperatly needed shelter in Burma/Myanmar. (Please read more under projects) If you want to be a long term contributer please contact us
  • Through virtually adopting a stray from one of the shelters we support. This is long distance adoption were you pay for the living costs of one specific sheltered animal, and in return you will be given updates on the animal you help. You can choose to continue the contribution from year to year.  
(This last option is under construction.)


We know many people have mistrust in aid organizations given the common skepticism about where the money goes. This is why we put great importance in operating transparently towards our donors. Please read our Q & A section if you want to know more about how we operate in practice, or feel free to contact us directly.

Giving a Future

Giving a Future
















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